[Wurfpost] 1. Pfingst (3 Day) Junior Ultimate Tournament

Mark Kendall mark at thekids.de
Sun Jan 16 22:14:45 CET 2005

Hi Juniors and Junior trainers,
We invite all Junior teams throughout Europe to play Ultimate in Massenbach.

1. Pfingst Junior Ultimate Tournament
14.-16. Mai 2005
in Massenbach near Heilbronn

>From Saturday to Monday on 14.-16. May 2005 the "kids" and "skid Ultimate"
will host the first "Pfingst" / "Whit Monday" Junior tournament.

Here juniors are hosting a tournament for juniors. The emphasis is not on
the super athlete or all-star team, but the opportunity to play with your
own team against players of the same age and abilty level. We will be
playing in two age groups - under 15 years and under 20 years and 5 vs. 5.
If you are interested in sending a junior team or just several players for
the pick-up team, please ask your questions or register your team with mark
(at) thekids.de.

Not only will each team play tons of Ultimate - on Saturday evening we will
roll our hips together after grilling our steaks at the Youth house next to
the fields. On Sunday we will taste swabian specialties and experience the
German "Fest" atmosphere in our clubs beer tent at the traditional German
town Festival in Schwaigern. The tournament begins on Saturday at noon and
will be finished around 3 PM on Monday. This will enable the trip too and
the trip home for all Junior teams in Europe.

The 7 Junior Teams from the Heilbronn area with teams in both age groups
guarantee a quality junior tournament. These teams are all hoping for
additional competition from junior teams from outside of southern Germany.
Registration is open for 10 teams in each division beginning immediatly - be

Registration and questions
mark (at) thekids.de

More information:
www.thekids.de (1. Pfingstturnier 2005) in English and German

Keep it up
Mark Kendall
TSV Massenbach - Abt. Frisbeesport
mark (at) thekids.de

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